Mini-Training: Sales Closing Essential Kit

Ask for Business with Confidence and Success

September "Take Action" Prizes

Let’s make September a productive month!

To encourage you to take action and master your sales closing skills, I’ve prepared 2 awesome prizes for anyone who is ready to take action and improve their sales skills today.

  • Prize #1: Enroll before Sep 13, and I will review your sales closing process for FREE. Once you have completed the training, simply email me the worksheets you completed. I will reply with feedback and ideas for improvement - FREE of charge. (A value of $100 for one-on-one training.)
  • Prize #2: For anyone who has completed their training and sent me the worksheet by Sep 25, I will pick one lucky winner. This lucky winner will receive a 75-min one-on-one strategy call at the end of September to review her entire sales process. Together, we will craft a step-by-step plan to achieve more sales for your business. (A Value of $250 for 75-min strategy call.)

Know Exactly What to Say & When to Ask for a Sale

Convert Your Ideal Clients to Paying Clients

Close More Sales & Gain Paying Clients

You’ve listened to ideal clients closely,

You’ve provided lots of FREE value,

But when it’s time to ask for their business, your prospects remain reluctant to pay for your services and/or hire you.

You wonder why.

Is it because of what I said?

Is it because I’m too pushy?

Is it because I’m not good enough?

Maybe the timing is not right?

Use this Essential Kit to:

  • Answer the most critical questions of your business - “Why buy from me?"
  • Avoid being pushy with my client-centric step-by-step sales process and allow you to build trust with your potential prospects.
  • Know exactly what to say for your sales closing scripts. (This is the dictionary of your sales success. I will give you my strategies on how to change the way you speak to your ideal clients right away).
  • Capture perfect timing by knowing when to ask for sales and learning the unspoken signals your prospects are exhibiting when they are ready to buy from you.
  • Convert those prospects to actual paying clients and start working with the ideal clients you’ve always wanted.

Here is what you will receive from this Essential Kit within the next 5 minutes:

  • Complete Sales Closing Scripts: With over 50 different sales scripts to choose from, use these for your next sales meeting, discovery call, coffee date, or webinar.
  • Challenge-Benefits Bridging Worksheet: Be prepared to answer the critical question of the sales closing process - “Why should you buy from me?"
  • Checklist Before Asking for a Sale.
  • Hidden Signals that Indicate Your Prospects are Ready to Buy from You.

Your Instructor

Melinda Chen
Melinda Chen

Melinda Chen is a sales coach helping female entrepreneurs sell with easy-to-implement sales tools and strategy.

She is also a sales executive with an impressive sales track record of 8 figures.

Her company, Women Making Big Sales, allows female entrepreneurs to start connecting and sell to clients in 5 weeks.

Melinda grew up in an entrepreneurial family.

When she first started her sales career after university, she wanted to know everything about selling. So, she spent years reading over 20 books in sales, made over 5,000 cold calls and worked with agents, reps and corporate clients around the world.

Since then, she has mastered the art of selling and made sales in Americas, Europe and Asia covering a wide range of industries. She is inspired to help women take control of their lives by mastering the art of sales, closing important deals and dramatically expand their business.

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